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Microsoft and Apple are adding new advertising channels

Dana Scully doesn’t believe in aliens, Tim Ferris doesn’t believe in 8-hour work weeks…

… And big tech platforms don’t believe in ad fatigue.

Microsoft and Apple are adding new advertising channels

Outlook is getting crowded: Mobile users with the free version of Outlook are seeing more ads in their email inboxes.

The update—which has been rolling out gradually in recent months—shows ads either at the top of the Other tab, or at the top of the inbox.

Search Ads are coming to Maps: According to reports, Apple may begin integrating ads into Maps in early 2023.

The ads will work similar to those in the App Store, meaning you can place ads for specific queries.

So if a user searches for “lunch near me,” for example, your restaurant’s ad can turn up.

Why we care: Big companies are increasing ad placements as a way to increase profits.

This gives you more cost-effective opportunities to display your ads… and maybe gain market share.

Just make sure you start using these channels early, and make your ads are as native as possible… or they may as well be invisible.