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When competitors come for your rankings using SEO “dark arts,” here’s what you should do

What is negative SEO? The most common example is spammy links to your domain, often from articles describing illegal activities.

The reason? Most likely, it was Jetsetfly trying to bury the page because it ranks well for “jetsetfly scam.”

As coincidence would have it, John Mueller directly addressed what you should do if you find yourself in such a situation. If someone is building spammy links to your domain, John suggests to:

Think of it this way, if your competitors are competent, they won’t build links for you. If your competitors are incompetent, the links won’t have any effect.”

Is it that simple? Well, it’s probably not always that simple, but it’s also unlikely that such an attack can single-handedly punish your rankings.

Just something to keep in mind should you, too, experience an attack of the negative SEO links.

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