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Content Marketing: How to create an About page that wins customers and clients

Did you know About pages are among the top 10 most visited pages of any website?

It’s not surprising. People refer to your About page to get answers to their most vital questions about your brand’s beliefs and values.

And as Andy Crestodina’s article shows, the way you design your About page is critical to attracting the right prospects and candidates. He points out two key stats:

  • 58% of users buy or advocate for brands based on brand’s values.
  • 60% choose a place to work based on the brand’s beliefs and values.

Andy shares fundamental elements your About page should contain if you want to make it compelling. Let’s check them out…

#1 – Navigation label. Make sure users can find your About page easily, and name it accordingly.

If you think “About Us” is too vanilla, you can use whatever you like: Our Story, Our Journey, etc. These names have shown no difference in clicks, so just pick one that fits your brand voice.

#2 – Add visuals. Does your company even exist if you don’t show images? Post a video to introduce visitors to your brand.

You can also include employee images, certifications, badges, and more to add life and personality to your brand.

#3 – Don’t worry about SEO. The About page is not your search engine traffic magnet. It doesn’t target any keywords your homepage isn’t snagging already.

However, if you’d like to get technical, you can improve the schema markup of your About page, as it may help you pass data to Google more effectively.

#4 – Add a call to action (CTA). Like your home or service pages, your About page also answers sales questions and acts as a sales funnel for your prospects.

So it should contain a CTA at the end, either to your premium offer, or to a lead magnet for further content marketing.

It’s story time. The About page is the place to tell a compelling story about your business.

The article itself contains a bunch of examples that will help you visualize a well-designed About page, so make sure you take a look. Good luck!