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Social Media: Events worth posting, TikTok’s new partner platform, plus new LinkedIn features

See if you can read the following updates while holding your breath…

Social Media: Events worth posting, TikTok’s new partner platform, plus new LinkedIn features

Big days on the feed: If you had a major life event but didn’t post about it – did it actually happen? A study by looked at the most popular life events posted on TikTok and Instagram based on hashtag use. Here’s what they found out:

  • Good times are on Instagram, with marriages, birthdays, baby showers, graduations, engagements, and pregnancy top the Insta charts.
  • TikTok seems more personal, with separation and death in the top five, and divorce and funerals finding their place into the top 10.

It looks as Instagram is a place to showcase the best of times, while people use TikTok to get advice, solicit empathy, and even grieve during tough circumstances.

Good to know which platform you should use for what type of content marketing.

Also, TikTok is revamping their Marketing Partners platform, offering 186 endorsed providers from 35 nations to help you with your marketing efforts.

The partners are broken down into six categories, including campaign management, creative, measurement, and more.

Now might be a good time to reach out for assistance before Christmas and the new year. Or just to look at the work of TikTok’s official partners as you search for inspiration.

Finally, LinkedIn announced new Company Pages features including:

  • Getting your newsletter “out there”: LinkedIn is making it easier to promote your newsletter, allowing company pages to add SEO titles, descriptions, and tags in their newsletter uploads so users can find them in the search results.
  • New Product Page elements to help users discover products via search, plus a new product highlight to showcase specific items.
  • Competitor analysis allows you to track competitor growth, post performance, and engagement rate.

OK, you can exhale now. That’s it… for today. And you didn’t even turn blue! It’s official.