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Copywriting: What you need to know before you can write effective copy

There is no such thing as universally-good copy.

Why? Because copywriting is context-dependent. What works on a billboard may not work in a sponsored newsletter ad, and vice versa.

We broke down the pieces of context you’ll need before you can write good copy.

Our advice? Don’t write anything until you’ve got the following pieces in place:

  • The channel you’re writing for. You need to know where your copy will show up, what will appear around it, and why your target audience is there. This will inform the way you write your copy.
  • Your technical limitations. If you’re writing for Google Ads, for example, there’s a limited number of characters you can use. Figure this out before you write any headlines.
  • The copy format. For example, if you’re writing copy for Facebook Ads, you should know whether you’re writing for static-image or video ads, and so on.

Once you’ve got these three pieces down, you’ll want to create a wireframe that helps you visualize your copy and understand how your target audience will experience it.