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Email marketing is coming, Amazon is opening up to third-party sellers, and more

You can’t see it, but we’re opening our arms as wide as we can because today’s news is thiiiiiiis big…

Email marketing is coming, Amazon is opening up to third-party sellers, and more

It’s really happening: Email marketing is rolling out to all registered US sellers in early 2023 and will allow you to target:

  • Repeat customers – ordered more than once in the last 12 months.
  • High-spend customers – 25% of your brand’s highest spenders in the last 12 months.
  • Recent customers – 20% of your most recent purchasers.

Alexa, answer this for me: Believe it or not, you can answer customer questions using Amazon’s assistant.

Alexa now responds to product queries with the helpful answers provided by brands, and brands cank link queries to their storefronts. Whoa.

If you’re registered with Amazon Brand Registry, you should see the new Customers ask Alexa feature in Seller Central.

Third-parties aren’t so bad after all: Amazon also seems to be warming up to third-party selling. They’re now allowing merchants to drive traffic from Sponsored Brands ads to their websites.

Of course, the traffic has to come from Prime members, and only after they land on your Amazon Store first… but it’s a start!

Amazon is also giving free shipping software to merchants so they can manage their orders on and off the platform and display the best shipping rates. So nice.

And lastly, the company might change its policies and allow sellers to offer cheaper prices in other platforms, after being sued by California.

Quite the boost for third-party merchants.