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Following this one rule can improve the quality of your advertising

Everyone has an opinion on marketing. Unfortunately, most of those opinions are very, very bad.

Why? Well, unlike software engineering or backend web development, lots of marketing is visual. It’s tangible.

Everybody sees marketing, and so everyone has an opinion on marketing.

As you probably know, this can feel frustrating, especially when a brand or a manager comes back to you with “suggestions” for “improving” your creative work.

Here’s how Avis Car Rental handles this: In a document that frequently makes the rounds on Twitter, Avis has a 6-rule advertising philosophy.

One line from rule #4 stands out to us in particular:

“Avis will approve or disapprove, not try to improve, ads which are submitted.”

Most brands, agencies, and creatives don’t follow this rule.

Instead, brands go back-and-forth with marketers about what they want, their frustrated creatives end up giving into the changes, and the end result is a mediocre ad.


  • If you run a brand and hire creative agencies or freelancers, try adopting this rule. Let the marketers you hire do what you pay them for. If you don’t like it, ask for something new. Don’t force your own thinking on the experts.
  • If you do creative work for one or multiple brands and encounter issues, try introducing this rule to them. Remind them why they’re hiring you. Then, do great work.