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Meta: Instagram is testing new ad placements

If launching new ad placements was noisy, we’d have to wear ear protection…

Meta is introducing two more ad placements for Reels in addition to the other four placements introduced this month.

Meta: Instagram is testing new ad placements

Ready, set, Reel: After a Reel ends, a skippable video ad 4–10 seconds long will play automatically. The original Reel will start playing again after the ad.

Instagram is also testing image carousel ads, which are horizontally scalable ads containing 2–10 images shown at the bottom of Reels content.

Seems like a lot, no?

Hold on, there’s more: Meta is also testing several new Instagram ad placements, including…

  • Ads in Explore home and on public profile feeds.
  • Multi-advertiser ads, which let you target high-intent shoppers with suggestions.
  • Augmented reality (AR) ads that give shoppers a chance to try your products out in their surroundings.

Why we care: Meta is hoping to compensate for lost revenue by adding more ad load. That could be good or bad for marketers, depending on how these ad placements affect users’ experiences.

Still, it creates opportunities for you to test new placements before anyone else.

Just pay attention to frequency. Nobody wants to see too many ads, too often.

Speaking of ads…