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Microsoft: Performance Max import, intent-based targeting, and more

How do you say “big holiday season” without actually saying it?

If you’re Microsoft, you say it by dropping the biggest ads update only weeks before…

Microsoft: Performance Max import, intent-based targeting, and more

Google + Microsoft: You can now import Performance Max campaigns into Microsoft as Smart Shopping Campaigns and Local Inventory Ads… very nice.

Narrowing down: The Audience Network got some new features, including:

  • Intent-based targeting. You can extend your shopping feed to customers that have displayed intent in your product and reach them throughout Microsoft’s Audience Network.
  • Feed filtration improvements that let you make category selections at all levels, exclude items from your catalog, and more.

New markets added: Microsoft is expanding the Audience network to 66 new markets across five continents.

Plus, Smart campaigns are available to new markets including Ireland, Singapore, New Zealand, Netherlands, Italy, France, and Germany.

… And new products, too: Microsoft added several formats and additions, like…

  • Data exclusions for automated bidding—currently in open beta.
  • URL tracking.
  • Microsoft’s globally available Asset Library.
  • Doctor and clinic ads—currently in closed beta.

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