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Google: More ways to track e-commerce data in Analytics

If you can’t track the little things, can you really evaluate your store’s performance?

… Because Google just announced 12 new item-scoped and event-scoped dimensions and metrics to help you do just that.

You can now find the following ecommerce dimensions and metrics in Explorations and the Data API:

  • Item affiliation
  • Item variant
  • Items added to cart
  • Items checked out
  • Items clicked in list
  • Items clicked in promotion
  • Items viewed
  • Items viewed in list
  • Items viewed in promotion
  • Shipping amount
  • Shipping tier
  • Tax amount

Analytics also renames the following metrics:

  • Add to carts (previously called Add-to-carts)
  • Item-list click events (previously called Item list clicks)
  • Item-list view events (previously called Item list views)
  • Item view events (previously called Item views)
  • Items purchased (previously called Item purchase quantity)
  • Promotion clicks (previously called Item promotion clicks)
  • Promotion views (previously called Item promotion views)

What’s going on: The new options help you analyze how individual items perform, but also track information about all your services and e-commerce interactions.

For example, you can now see the number of purchases for each item, for each country, and many more.

Item by item, top to bottom: The list of dimensions and metrics in Explorations and the Data API includes item affiliation, item variant, items added to cart, shipping tier, and more.

Google also released fresh naming conventions: Item list clicks are now Item-list click events, Item purchase quantity is now Items purchased, and so on.

You can see the full list of metrics, dimensions, and new conventions in Google’s official announcement above.

Why we care: Google keeps improving Analytics 4, and this addition gives you more input in your store performance. Sounds great for e-commerce advertisers – keep it up Google!