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Google: You can now target in-app users based on engagement

If you’re running in-app ads, you’ll like this. And if you’re not… you’ll want to.

Google launched tROAS on ad revenue, an upgraded bidding strategy that allows you to target users based on how they engage with your in-app ads.

Google: You can now target in-app users based on engagement

Well played: It also lets you pay dynamically depending on how likely the targeted users are to engage with your ads. Wild.

If you want to set it up, Google says you need to:

  1. Add publisher data such as ad revenue data to your Google Analytics property.
  2. Link your Google Analytics property to Google Ads.
  3. Send your Google Analytics ad_impressions event to Google Analytics.

From there you can set up tROAS on ad revenue campaigns by selecting “ad_impressions” as events. There’s more info in the linked article above.

Head’s up, financial services: If you’re running ads for financial services or products in France, Germany, Indonesia, and Spain, you’ll need to pass new verification requirements.

Google will begin enforcing the policy January 23 next year.

Why we care: Targeting in-app engagers should help you optimize for specific ROAS targets while serving more effective campaigns.

Seems like a solid way to grow revenue.