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TikTok: Growing fast in the EU

Budget cuts and layoffs? Don’t know them.

According to Financial Times, TikTok increased its European turnover to $990M for the previous calendar year… six times more than the $172M recorded in 2020.

Must be the food: TikTok now averages nearly 4,400 employees per month in Europe—3,000 more people than its averaged in 2020.

Advertising accounted for more than $800M of its annual revenue in Europe, which is also a five-fold increase compared to 2020.

Most of the money, of course, comes from countries in the EU.

Why we care: TikTok’s largest market may be the US, but its massive growth across the pond means EU-based marketers are benefitting, too.

If you’re in Europe and you’re looking for a new ad channel, now’s a great time to start using TikTok.