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Google’s privacy-first measurement tool, Microsoft’s Performance Max support

Who says competing ad platforms can’t work in harmony?

While Google is launching new features, Microsoft is helping you import some of Google’s campaigns to their Merchant Center. Nice.

Google introduced the Ads Data Hub, a new measurement solution that helps you do custom campaign analysis while protecting user privacy. The feature is intended for two user types:

  • Ads Data Hub for Marketers helps advertisers get access to insights and analyze data so they make better media buying decisions.
  • Ads Data Hub for Measurement Partners gives partners the ability to reveal YouTube insights and measurement services on behalf of marketers, agencies, and publishers.

Also, Google announced plans to implement Publisher Advertiser Identity Reconciliation (PAIR), helping you to access your first party data securely and hopefully more easily.

… And Microsoft launched their Performance Max import solution, allowing you to duplicate Performance Max campaigns across platforms through their Google Import tool.

These campaigns will be imported as Smart Shopping Campaigns and Local Inventory Ads.

Microsoft is also launching a program to import Performance Max campaigns without a Merchant Center. These campaigns will be imported as Search Campaigns and create Dynamic Search Ads.

Microsoft includes best practices for importing, so make sure you read the linked article.

Why we care: Google’s privacy-first measurement tool could protect user data while providing in-depth insights, especially when it comes to YouTube and CTV advertising.

And you can now easily import Google Performance Max campaigns into Microsoft even if you don’t have a Merchant Center account.

Life suddenly got just a little bit easier…

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