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New guide to developing resilient strategies just dropped

We’re getting strong Nassim Nicholas Taleb vibes from this one…

Time to become antifragile: Meta partnered with Deloitte Consulting to create a Signal Resilience Guide to help marketers take action against signal—also known as data—losses.

New guide to developing resilient strategies just dropped

Meta recommends:

  • Understanding the position of your business. Is your business aware of the shifting landscape? Do you understand what data you’re using and how? Ask questions like these to determine the next steps.
  • Synchronizing the marketing department with other teams. No individual team is 100% responsible for signal loss. Break down the internal organization framework and create synergy between teams.
  • Building a privacy-first foundation. Make sure you have a strong governance model that enables regulatory compliance.
  • Leaning into available resilient signals. For instance, investing in first-party data has shown to be an opportunity to build relationships with customers while also collecting more data.
  • Rethinking your measurement strategy. The attribution models you’ve relied on aren’t as accurate as before. Plan accordingly.

Why we care: Signal loss is every marketer’s reality now, so all valuable tips are welcome.

Meta’s guide promises to help you lay the proper groundwork for your entire company. Definitely worth a read.