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Product photography ideas that will make your ad campaigns and websites pop

Even the best product is hard to sell without a little visual oomph.

But many marketers worry customers are becoming fatigued with overly similar styles and visual tricks… for good reason, too.

Luckily, Oren John recently shared a useful Twitter thread with a ton of unique product photo styles. The examples in his thread offer you:

  • Different variations you can test for your ads.
  • Inspiration for mapping out your brand’s story and creating a branding deck.
  • Examples creators can send when pitching brands on shoots.

Let’s peep some of our favorites…

The wide angle shot: Consumers’ eyes are so used to static shots and symmetrical square perspectives. This little trick throws them off and makes them stop to look closer.

For example, a frog’s eye view of a person wearing your brand’s sneakers can be more effective than a perfect static shot.

Disruptive circumstances: A coat in the… desert? Taking a shot of your product in an environment where it doesn’t fit can work wonders on the customer’s imagination.

It challenges and perplexes them, but also entertains, making this concept highly engaging.

Hands, hands everywhere: Products look more believable with a human touch – pun intended. That’s why a lot of designers and photographers use this trick.

Adding hands to your product photos makes them relatable and actionable.

Reflection: Here’s an underrated gem—using mirrors or other reflective surfaces to engage the audience and stop the scroll.

A shot of a mirror with your product reflecting in it. Or, just sitting next to a body of water with the watery surface mirroring the product… The effect can be captivating.

That’s just a peek through the keyhole. There are several other concepts to check out in the original thread along with awesome photos that can get your creative juices flowing!