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For high-converting social proof, kill the wall of logos and do this instead

It’s practically a religious ritual at this point:

When you build a landing page, you include a wall of logos using the biggest-name companies that have some association with your product.

Oh, some Apple Store employee mentioned they enjoyed your product? Boom. Apple’s going up on the logo wall.

And on it goes.

But logo walls aren’t the best way to build trust and drive conversions. We’ve become so accustomed to logo walls we forget they exist entirely. Our brains skim over them in an instant.

And logo walls are often dubious. We don’t know what they actually mean.

Want to know what high-converting landing pages use instead? Instead of a logo wall, they use pictures of real people.

Or, they use pictures of real people in tandem with a logo wall.

In general, one real person equals more credibility than multiple logos.

It’s even better if you can get one recognizable person.

Why pictures work better than logos: We implicitly trust people more than logos. Part of this is because of how humans work, and part of it is because we trust that if you’re using someone’s face, you probably have their approval.