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YouTube Ads get a boost, and other important Ads updates

Hope you’re sitting somewhere comfortable, because we have several Google updates for you this morning…

YouTube Ads get a boost, and other important Ads updates

Let’s start with video first: There are three new additions to YouTube’s advertising features, including…

  • Moment Blast, a premium connected TV (CTV) ad placement that positions brands “looking for awareness during key moments”—like major sporting events—on YouTube Select and elsewhere.
  • Product feeds on Discovery ads. Product feeds will also include local offers that show the real-time availability of products.
  • Audio ads and podcast ads are becoming available worldwide in Google Ads and Display & Video 360.

Also, you’ll understand why Google flags videos thanks to an updated policy that will lay out for you why a particular video ad isn’t serving.

Google has some updates as well, starting with three new reporting columns in Google Ads that should help you track conversions: results, results value, and conversions.

Finally, if you’re worried that match types are fading into the sunset… Don’t worry, they’re not. Google is testing a simplified workflow and a few other features related to match types. Good to know.

Why we care: YouTube’s new CTV placement, and the global availability of audio and podcast ads, will be interesting to follow. They certainly sound promising.

When it comes to Google Ads, reporting columns are a welcome addition as we’re approaching holidays like Halloween.

Which raises the question…