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What’s trending this Halloween?

Spooky season is near… and no, we’re not talking about end-of-year marketing reports.

Google released their annual Halloween trends for 2022, and there are some interesting insights for marketers and merchants…

Sinister make-up: If you’re in the makeup industry, you may want to target the following:

  • Top searched Halloween-themed nails include Disney, Candy corn, Coffin Halloween nails, Hocus Pocus nails, and Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • Top searched makeup is Zombie, Skeleton, Clown, Witch, and Vampire.
  • Trending makeup includes Freddy Krueger, Venom, Black swan, and more.

Spooky candy: One of the most searched queries includes “best deals on halloween candy,” so if you’re in confectionery, try to think of similar deals for the season.

Pets want costumes too: We’re used to costumes for people, but… pet costumes? Yep, the pet industry will be happy to hear that users search for “Spider dog,” “Chucky dog,” and similar terms to dress up their furry friends.

Why we care: When you adapt to customers’ needs during big seasons, there’s a huge chance you’ll end up with a few wins.

Reports such as this one allow room for “out-of-the-box” thinking and inside information about what your users are ready to spend on.

It’s definitely worth reading in full, if you have a sec.