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How to optimize your Amazon Ads for Q4

If you’re an Amazon merchant or marketer, you may have the least worries when it comes to inflation and the economy… especially during the holiday season.

As Evan Facinger points out in his article, people will buy anything on Amazon. So it’s not what you sell, but how you sell it.

Evan lists a bunch of useful tips that can help you squeeze the most out of your Amazon Ads.

We picked the most valuable ones for you… So let’s get optimizing, shall we?

First, analyze underperforming stock-keeping units (SKUs). It might seem obvious, but if a particular SKU isn’t doing well, you should hit pause.

But your job doesn’t end there…

You should also ask yourself important questions like:

  • Which of your SKUs—and your competitors’—are performing better, and why?
  • Are the keywords relevant? Are product pages optimized enough?

Next, play around with your keywords bids. Bidding on keywords always happens in real time and against real people, so rising and lowering your bids can greatly impact ad performance.

  • Look for irrelevant keywords that aren’t converting and stop bidding on them.
  • Review your targeting. For example, are you using phrase or exact matches for high converters?
  • Loose match, close match, product targeting are all opportunities you can always test out.

Study the search performance dashboard. This report can show your customers’ buying journey compared to competitors’ customer journeys and each search term’s volume.

It can also help you see how potential shoppers are discovering your products and find potential issues.

For example, a low click-through rate might mean some of your assets (headlines or images, for example) don’t resonate with the audience.

Have you considered the above? If you did, good job. If not, try to implement these optimization steps and let us know if they work!

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