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Highest earning apps use Apple Search ads

We had to whisper “correlation is not causation” under our breath 12 times while writing this.

What’s going on: According to Appfigures’ recent report, 61% of the highest earning apps on iOS are using Apple Search Ads.

Who's using Apple Search Ads?

Education apps advertise the most on Apple, with 70% of the top 100 highest-grossing apps running campaigns.

Photo & Video and Health & Wellness are close behind with 67%.

A Chicken and egg situation: Are the highest earning apps seeing growth because they spend the most?

Or do they spend the most because they’re earning most?

Appfigures says the answer is both. Apple Search Ads have helped some apps gain traction, while bigger players are growing in part because of powerful placements.

Why we care: Two things are clear… Advertisers are spending a lot of money on the channel, and it’s working really well.

Both are good signs if you’re looking for a place to advertise your app.