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How to create a custom URL shortener for more effective SMS marketing

If you’re sending text messages to generate revenue—and you might want to, because it’s a powerful channel—you know that URL shorteners are one of the easiest ways to get easy, bite-size links to potential customers.

But there’s a problem: Most wireless carriers block messages with URL-shortened links from popular tools.

Plus, classic URL shorteners can look spammy and reduce click-through rates.

How to get around it: Create your own!

Just do the following…

  • Come up with an abbreviation for your brand. Find an abbreviated domain that matches your brand name and purchase it.
  • Connect your shortened domain with a custom url shortening service. A simple Google search shows there are lots to choose from. They’ll make it easy to create shortened URLs with your new domain.

… And you’re done. Now you can send custom shortened links to your users—in SMS or any other type of marketing—without triggering common spam filters set up by wireless carriers.

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