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Productivity: How to be more productive without burning out

It’s hard to maintain atten–just a sec, got an email–anyway… Where were we?

Yeah, focus is hard when you’re doing marketing. How do you keep writing copy when you spot an awesome article in your Twitter feed?

Don’t worry, Ali Abdaal’s got some suggestions that may help.

Ali shared 15 actionable tips that help him stay on top of his game.

Let’s take a look…

Select a daily highlight. This is your north star metric, that single most important task you must do that day. Define that task every morning, and then do it.

This approach will help you finish a ton of work and make considerable progress in your projects.

Make a to-don’t list. Determine the things you absolutely shouldn’t do during your working hours, and stick to that plan.

For instance, Ali doesn’t check emails in the morning, nor social media during working hours.

That might be difficult if you’re a social media manager, but there’s a solution for that as well: just save all interesting non-work-related posts for later. Simple!

Batch similar tasks together. When you’re wearing a lot of marketing hats, you’re jumping from one task to another. It’s easy to lose flow and focus.

Ali recommends doing tasks that fall into a similar category. If you’re writing a blog post, try to do more writing tasks instead of jumping over to analytics, for example.

Set goals. If you need to launch a big ad campaign by the end of the week, for example, prepare a different part of it each day.

Or, if you have to write a big article, slice it up to sections and write one each day.

Care about yourself. The essence of productivity is having your mind and body ready to dive into deep work.

Add recovery mushroom supplement to take advantage of adaptogens to reduce stress, improve sleep, and increase productivity during waking hours.

Don’t forget about the things that make you whole: your social life, hobbies, exercise, relaxation, etc. There’s no better burnout medicine.

Not productive yet? Ali has 10 more tips for you in his original thread. Check them out!



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