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Advertising: Disney+ is hot on Netflix’s tail and ready to launch its own ad-supported subscription

Not only is the streaming service from the House of Mouse bigger than Netflix after just three years…

It’s already building its ad business, too.

When? The Disney+ ad-supported plan will launch starting December 8 2022, and it’s priced at $7.99/month.

What this means for advertisers: To be frank, it doesn’t mean much yet. Disney has 100 advertisers ready to go, which is not a huge number. Consider this more of a soft rollout for advertisers.

We also don’t know how many users will opt into this plan, so there are many questions about scalability, targeting, and performance.

No time to chill: You can be sure that in the next 12–24 months, Netflix, Disney+, and other streaming services will ramp up their ad networks development.

And no, we don’t think this will suddenly steal tons of demand from Meta, Google, Amazon, and the other big digital channels, in case you’re wondering.



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