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How to excel in front desk upselling?

Front desk upselling can bring 2/3 of upsell revenue. To help you start with front desk upselling on the right foot, we’ve put together this concise checklist. This checklist will help you and your team learn the ropes of front desk upselling in an easy and quick way.

Read the checklist and discover:

How to excel in front desk upselling?

Why is front desk upselling important?

  • Helps meet guests’ needs better
  • Elevates the guest experience
  • Contributes to your hotel’s positive word of mouth
  • Brings ⅔ of upsell revenue, enhancing your TRevPAR.

3 key things to know before you start upselling

  • The value your rooms & services can bring to a certain segment. Example: offering a room with a working desk will only make sense if you upsell to a business traveller
  • The current goals of the hotel. Example: sell more seasonal offers
  • The availability of the room and services. Example: avoid selling a spa treatment if it’s fully booked.

the top 6 skills to become a rockstar at upselling

  1. Read the situation & body language: Understand the implicit message
  2. Show confidence: Master your body language, facial expressions and tone of voice
  3. Be a subject matter expert: Offer services and upgrades by selling the value
  4. Always be honest: Don’t act like you know everything
  5. Don’t give up: Be persistent, not pestering
  6. Work on your pitfalls: Ask feedback from your colleagues

6 essential steps to closing an upselling deal

  1. Read the situation & body language of your guest. Example: Carrying heavy luggage / in a hurry or not / leisure vs business / couple vs family
  2. Welcome the guest + execute the check-in. Check-in information can provide you with hints on what you can upsell
  3. Ask open questions & make them feel important. Example: What brings you here?; How was your trip? – Offer services and upgrades that will complement their stay
  4. Present the offer by selling the value that could be relevant to the guest’s needs. Example: I see that you have a lot of luggage. We have a very nice spacious room that has extra storage space. It would be only 20 euros more. Would it be interesting for you?
  5. Close the deal. Example: Reconfirm that their upgrade / service is an excellent choice
  6. Make them feel important. Example: Provide your name and make them feel like you will always be there to help
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