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How Jones Road Beauty Collected 100k+ Emails and Generated 7 Figures Via TikTok Ads

Jones Road Beauty is a DTC company founded by makeup artist Bobbi Brown that offers cool, clean makeup products.

How Jones Road Beauty Collected 100k+ Emails and Generated 7 Figures Via TikTok Ads

Great product.

Also, great marketing.

In Q1, Jones Road Beauty collected 124k emails and increased their AOV (Average Order Value) from $60 to $90 while generating 7-figures in sales via TikTok ads.

Here’s an outline of their playbook:

  • Target broad (Let TikTok collect and optimize based on data)
  • Focus on educating and entertaining the viewer (TikTok users are there to be entertained — not shop)
  • Direct traffic to an advertorial (That continues to educate the consumer – Ex: Listicle)
  • Add a quiz based on your product (Move a rented audience to an owned audience → Email)
  • Recommend Products based on the quiz results
  • Continue to promote specific products via email and SMS

Let’s run through this…

Content Summary

Targeting Broad
Capturing Attention
Direct Traffic To An Advertorial
Moving Your Audience From Rented To Owned
Personalize The Shopping Experience
Continue To Promote Specific Products
How Can You Use This

Targeting Broad

Right now, targeting broad on TikTok is the move.

There are three ways that I’m doing this:

  • Age, Gender, Geography
  • Interest-based (3-5 Interests Max)
  • Hashtag-based (3-5 Hashtags Max)

Why broad?

Because TikTok is Top Of Funnel and a search engine.

Viewers want to find new products, learn about new things, and be entertained.

Target broad and let TikTok collect data and optimize based on that data.

Capturing Attention

Individuals on TikTok aren’t shopping.

Capturing Attention

They’re consuming.

And there are three ways to ensure they consume your content:

  1. Education – Teach them something
  2. Inspiration – Inspire the person they want to become
  3. Entertainment – Get someone to stop and take notice

And a great ad does all three.

What could this look like for Jones Road Beauty?

  1. Skincare routine
  2. Skincare tips
  3. Tutorials

Not only will this get the consumer’s attention, but it will also introduce them to your product.

Now, the consumer goes from unaware to product aware.

Direct Traffic To An Advertorial

Your goal shouldn’t be to drive sale on the first impression.

Direct Traffic To An Advertorial

It should be to build confidence in the consumer.

Cody Plofker says, “I’m not trying to use ads to get fast sales, I’m trying to acquire customers who are then going to become very loyal to our brand long-term. I don’t want them just buying products, I want them buying our brand.”

So, Jones Road Beauty doesn’t send traffic to a product page or landing page — they direct traffic to an advertorial.

This way, they continue to educate about the product and brand to instill confidence into each touchpoint.

Here’s the advertorial Jones Road Beauty used.

Moving Your Audience From Rented To Owned

Money is made off social platforms and on owned channels.

Moving Your Audience From Rented To Owned

Jones Road Beauty directed traffic from TikTok to the advertorial to get a consumer to take their “Find My Shade” quiz.

After taking the quiz, consumers submitted their email to get the results.


Cody says, “If you can find a way to capture these users’ information and follow up with them on a different platform when they’re in a different state of mind, that’s where the magic happens.”

Not only do they collect emails with the quiz funnel but also collect zero-party data that helps JRB create a more personalized shopping experience while owning the distribution channel.

Personalize The Shopping Experience

The quiz collects not only customer info but also first-party data.

Personalize The Shopping Experience

Now every consumer that takes the quiz tells JRB:

  • Their skin tone
  • Their primary skin concern
  • Their skin type
  • Their product interests
  • How they Miracle Balm

With this information, Jones Road Beauty can personalize its email and SMS marketing with tailored messaging while recommending the perfect product for the right reasons.

Continue To Promote Specific Products

Not only is the quiz funnel and collection of zero-party data great to drive first-time purchases…

But also a great way to increase your AOV (Average Order Value) and LTV (Customer Lifetime Value).

To increase the AOV, Jones Road Beauty can bundle or upsell based on the quiz responses.

To increase the LTV, Jones Road Beauty can provide specific content and product recommendations based on quiz responses.

How Can You Use This

  • Create educational, entertaining, or inspirational content that also introduces your product
  • Don’t direct the traffic straight to a home page or product page
  • Send traffic to an article or advertorial that instills confidence in your product or service
  • Create a quiz to collect zero-party data and personalize your marketing efforts
  • Upsell, bundle, and recommend to improve your AOV and LTV
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