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Niche Ad Platforms are Less Expensive to Acquire Customer

There is a reason why Snapchat advertises on Twitter and why Tik Tok runs its ads on Facebook. Finding the least expensive ad platform that your target demographic spends the most time on is the fastest way to lower your cost to acquire a customer.

Niche Ad Platforms are Less Expensive to Acquire Customer

It’s why every time you turn on a live sports game on TV, you see an ad for a beer brand or an insurance company. Virtually everyone who watches sports either drinks beer or has insurance. These brands strategically invest money to get the most attention on the least expensive ad platforms where their target demographic spends their time on. TV commercials are often around $5 CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) compared to Facebook ads which can be upwards of $20+ dollars CPM these days.

Whether you have to pay for it with ads or get it organically with good content, getting attention where your target customer spends a majority of their time is the fastest way to lower your cost to gain and attract customers.

There are a handful of niche ad platforms & marketing opportunities brands with very specific audiences should consider investing in. People often forget about these opportunities because everyone is on Facebook and Instagram, so when new marketers or Founders think about where they wanna get their audience’s attention, they end up spending way more money than they have to run ads on Facebook. Examples include:

Pinterest ads

Every fashion and gift and DIY brand should be testing Pinterest ads.

Snapchat ads

Every brand with a younger audience or a lower-class audience should be testing Snapchat ads.

Twitter ads

Every SaaS brand or enterprise company should be investing in Twitter ads.

Etsy ads

Every Shopify brand should be plugging their products into Etsy and testing Etsy ads… they are easy to set-up and have made some of my clients some serious money


Every local brand or e-commerce brand with a large target audience should consider testing postcards. It can cost around $1.30 to send a postcard to someone so if you are selling a local window cleaning service this might be the best bang for your buck. Or if you sell yoga pants, send postcards to the zip codes in Los Angeles / NYC that have the most amount of yoga studio classes in them.


Every non-local service company (agencies, consultants, coaches…) should be testing Medium. I’m starting to repurpose my Twitter thread over to Medium because they have 60 million active users, they rank exceptionally well on SEO, and they even pay out their writers if your article goes viral… extra revenue stream anyone?

The list goes on and on… But you gotta start looking at alternative opportunities!

Good marketers know where to invest their time & money.

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