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How to get your customers subscribed to your products

Imagine this: you struggle with accurate inventory forecasting, and you’re thinking about starting a subscription program for your online store. You’re ready to take that leap.

So where do you start?

Here are three ways to get your customers to subscribe to your products:

  • Incentivize them. There’s no better way to get a customer to sign up for a subscription than by offering the product at a lower cost, or free shipping for the entirety of their subscription, etc.
  • Give them flexibility. No one wants to be locked into a subscription while they’re on vacation. Allow your customers to skip a month. Better yet, let them decide how often they want to receive your products. Bonus points if you let them swap their products out each month!
  • Make it easy. Give your customers the opportunity to switch over to a subscription at every point of their buying journey. Browsing the product page? Add a subscribe and save option. Added to cart? Subscribe and save.

And if you’re really going for that revenue, incentivize them to subscribe for three months upfront. Or, six months. Or a year.

This way, they’ll feel like they’re getting a deal on your products, and you’ve just secured a few months of revenue from them upfront.

If you decide to give it a try, let us know how it goes!