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Marketing: Use these boundaries to boost your creativity and come up with your next big marketing idea

How’d they come up with that?

Well, the good news is, you can come up with brilliant ideas, too.

You just need to know the techniques for elevating your creativity.

One technique for coming up with great ideas? Setting hard “boundaries” for your creativity.

Shlomo Genchin has a few go-to boundaries he uses whenever he’s faced with a broad brief or open-ended project.

Let’s look at how he does it…

1. Story boundaries. Select a storytelling technique and write your marketing campaign or ad copy based on that technique.

Shlomo likes to use Deck of Brilliance, but you’re free to use whichever storytelling techniques you prefer.

2. Copy boundaries. Set hard limits for your copy. For example, you might limit yourself to using the 1,000 most common English words.

Or force yourself to use visuals only and no copy, or vice versa.

3. Channel boundaries. You’re probably used to coming up with marketing that will work across channels. But what if you tried limiting yourself to just one?

Pick a channel, such as Facebook or Yelp, and write an entire campaign for that channel only.

Or select a messaging platform, write a conversation between two people, then screenshot the conversation and promote it on a completely different platform.

The possibilities are endless, really…

That’s all we have room for here. Shlomo has two more techniques that can help you develop novel ideas. And like he says, to think outside the box, sometimes you need to put yourself in a box.

The trick here is discipline. Pick one, set a timer, and get to work.

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