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How to use body language when negotiating contracts

Body language is very important. You need to be aware of how you are expressing yourself when you are trying to make a good negotiating deal. You have to be aware of the important factors that go into this process. You should always know what you want and let it shine through when you are making a proposal. Having confidence in yourself is something that you defiantly need to have so that you are keeping your negotiating on the right path.

How to use body language when negotiating contracts. Source: ShutterStock

How to use body language when negotiating contracts. Source: ShutterStock

Negotiation is a form of art that everyone tries to do his or her own way. It is going to be a human process to negotiate on anything that you can especially if it requires payment of any kind. Negotiating is going to depend on the ability to judge the opposite person that you are dealing with. We are usually taught that we should not stare at someone else for any reason. However, when we are negotiating we have to look at the other person for the non-verbal expressions that helps our situation out.

Being able to read facial expressions or looking at the physical movements of the opposing party is going to be something that helps you sees if they are telling the truth or bluffing. Most important you are able to let the other person see that you are very interested in this conversation when you are looking them in the eye the entire time.

Know the other person’s nature and observe them at all times if possible. You should be careful if you are dealing with a very pushy or talkative person. This may be a situation that you need to over ride. You need to make sure that you gain control and try to make your statements clear and precise. Always maintain eye contact so that you can get your point across and give the impression that you are serious and sincere.

While you are in the negotiation process, you should pay attention to their facial expressions and what they do with their hands. If someone is breathing, too fast this may mean that they are telling untruths about the things they are discussing. Remember to keep eye contact when you are talking to someone. If someone is trying to avoid your eyes, you may want to read them carefully because they may be trying to hide something from you by not looking at you directly.

I am sure that the other person is going to be nervous just as you are. This is something that is not going to be unusual. However, you need to keep your head up high and give a good solid impression so that you are taken seriously and given the opportunity to make your claim heard. If you are a little nervous, this is fine. You have the right to be. All you really need to do is make sure that you are trying to hide it the best way that you can. Looking confident is the main factor when you are negotiating a deal of any kind.

Remember to dress for success and be prepared. If you are sure of yourself and you come with everything that you need you will be further ahead of the game and able to make the most of the negotiating deal that you are trying to make. It is all about you and getting the negotiating deal that you are looking for. The way that you look is going to be a person’s first impression of you so you need to be confident and remain calm at all times during your negotiation process.

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