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How YouTubers get people to watch their Q&As (and why you’ll care)

Ever watched a YouTuber do a Q&A?

Almost every content creator does a Q&A at some point. It’s a win-win, because audiences want to know their creators better—and because it’s easy-peasy content for the creators to make.

But there’s another reason these videos get so many views: The titles.

Take Abroad in Japan, one of the most popular ‘English-speaking guy moves abroad and makes cool videos in his new country’ channels on YouTube. Here are two of his most popular Q&A titles:

  • What NO-ONE Tells You About Japan
  • When Will I Leave Japan?

Instead of labeling the video as a Q&A, Abroad in Japan zeros in on novelty—he takes the most interesting question in his Q&A and uses that as the title of the video.

Why? Because it’s more interesting that way. More people watch the video.

Insight: When you’re creating content, or advertising—or anything—remember that all it takes is one small, tiny, novel kernel of something interesting to hook people.

It’s easy to feel as though you need to communicate everything, all at once. But you don’t. To get people interested in something big, start with something small. Focus on your most unique hook and build from there.