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To increase cold email conversion, try writing relevant content

When done well, cold emails make millions of dollars.

Done poorly, they get marked as spam and earn you little more than a few angry replies.

So if you’re not having much success with cold emails, try this insight:

Hit pause. Stop endlessly retooling your email copy and your targeting, and stop blasting inboxes.

Instead, ask one question: What’s the most helpful, novel, relevant piece of content for the people I’m emailing?

Then, write that piece of content. Make it as good as you can.

Once the content’s written, write a new cold email with a softer sell and a bigger focus on the piece of content. Make it clear that it’s free, publicly available, and that you believe they may find it useful.

For best results, get as niche as possible. Imagine you’re cold emailing people in ten countries about HR & Payroll services.

Instead of sending them all the same piece of content, use a content template and personalize the cold emails with country-specific information.

This is a small lift, but can have a big impact on perceived value.

And it may help you get the lift in response rate you’re hoping for.