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Instagram: Trying out BeReal features… or stealing them?

If you want to be real, copy someone else. At least that’s what Instagram seems to think.

After trying out the BeReal-like feature Candid earlier, Instagram is now testing even more additions inspired by the “most interesting social media app of 2022.”

We’ll take that, and that: Instagram is reportedly developing a few features to improve different segments of its app, all resembling BeReal…

  • Roll Call, a feature for groups where chat members can ask participants to share a photo or video of themselves within the next five minutes.
  • Glimpse Stories, an addition to Instagram Stories that will require you to take snapshots using your front and back camera to show what you’re doing at that particular moment.

So, yeah, basically BeReal on Instagram… though it’s still unclear whether the features will ever roll out to everyone on the platform.

Why we care: This year appears to show that exaggerated lives on social media are getting tiresome and the “authentic” movement is picking up pace.

Even if the above features never roll out, there’s still a pattern to remember for next year’s advertising campaigns – authentic, raw, and “real” content will grab the most attention.