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Twitter: Big advertisers flock back to the platform

After a bunch of companies stopped running Twitter ads due to “uncertainties surrounding the platform’s moderating policies,” it seems some of the big players have started coming back.

Twitter: Big advertisers flock back to the platform

Welcome back, A-players: Amazon and Apple have both resumed advertising on Twitter, less than a week after Musk complained about Apple.

Reuters claims Amazon is looking to drop about $100M per year on the platform, while Apple was already the biggest ad spender, spending $48M in Q1 of this year alone.

Elon Musk thanked “advertisers for returning” to Twitter in a tweet yesterday.

Very generous, Elon: On another note, Twitter has already created incentives for remaining advertisers to increase their ad spend, offering to match 100% of incremental spending to whoever spends at least $500K on ads by the end of the year.

With 90% of its revenue coming from ads, it’s obvious why Twitter needs advertisers to splash more cash on ads. And so far, its tactics seem to be working.

Why we care: Big money is coming back to Twitter, which naturally ups the competition and ad prices.

So if you were looking to get into Twitter ads while cost-per-click (CPC) is low, that ship might have sailed.

But having the heavyweights back spending will provide an overall better outlook for the platform that’s been recently surrounded in controversy – and boost advertisers’ confidence.

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