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Last minute ways to advertise your holiday offers

Here’s a holiday horror story: It’s the night before New Years, and your boss suddenly decides to push an exclusive offer that’s set to go live on New Year’s Eve.

… And you get the email while you’re on holiday at the beach, sipping on your Aperol Spritz.

Don’t panic! Here’s how to set up your offer on Google Ads in under 45 minutes (yes, we literally timed it):

  • Promotion extension is your best friend. Set up a promotion extension highlighting your offer at the account level. Include all its components, like a countdown and the occasion of your promotion. Let this extension create a sense of urgency for you!
  • Sitelink extension. This will show up as separate links to separate pages. Create a sitelink extension with ad copy around your offer. Direct click-throughs to your offer’s landing page.
  • Change your ad copy. Duplicate your old ads, pinning your offer in headline 1. Turn on these ads when the sale starts, and turn your other ads off. Switch back when your offer finishes.

And voila… In under 45 minutes you were able to advertise your brand’s New Year offer without missing out on cherished family time.

That’s what we call a Christmas miracle!