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LinkedIn: What content gets the most traction?

LinkedIn’s formula is simple: engaging content equals presence and opportunities.

The platform just released a report on the most shared content in 2022, and it may help you get a better understanding of what attracts LinkedIn users.

LinkedIn: What content gets the most traction?

… It’s not career updates: LinkedIn says the past year “accelerated a massive cultural metamorphosis.” The top content pieces dealt with permanently changed private and work lives.

The 23 most shared articles were divided into five categories:

  • Adjusting to the new reality of remote work, where users discussed the pros, cons, and future of working remotely.
  • The changing state of work culture, mostly influenced by the pandemic where new values were emphasized, including work life balance, inclusivity, diversity, and more.
  • An ongoing pandemic, with the most-shared articles on this topic being more “forward looking and philosophical” than previous year.
  • Empathy and leadership, especially content that focused on the importance of kind, empathetic, and capable leaders.
  • Opinions from thought leaders, especially from globally recognized people like Bill Gates, or industry leaders.

You can see the individual top-shared pieces in the article.

Why we care: Content marketers and advertisers could use these 23 articles as a benchmark for engineering campaigns that would resonate with the overall LinkedIn audience.

One thing is clear: hyping your own accomplishments didn’t make the list. So if you really want to stand out, touch on important causes and share value.