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Macy’s opens online marketplace to brands and merchants

Macy’s is reading the room…

The famous retailer just announced their own curated marketplace powered by Mirakl—a leading third-party marketplace tech company.

Macy's opens online marketplace to brands and merchants

How it works: Advertisers lucky enough to be part of Macy’s “select, curated group of sellers and brands” would be able to access a seller’s dashboard and submit products for review.

If approved, your products would appear besides Macy’s original products in their online store, with a tag indicating that you’re the one selling and shipping.

Why we care: Macy’s gets nearly 80M visits every month from customers, many with purchase intent.

If you’re in e-commerce, this could be another big opportunity to source products on Macy’s website… without the costs that usually follow.

The only thing that would make this news more perfect would be a hot, soft mall pretzel.

Oh, and speaking of opportunities…