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Customers can now request call backs in Facebook Call Ad

Extroverted and introverted business owners everywhere are about to rejoice… or panic.

Facebook Call Ad: Customers can now request a call back from your business when they click on your Facebook Call Ad.

Customers can now request call backs in Facebook Call Ad

Previously, when customers clicked on a Call Ad, they automatically called your business.

Now customers will see a “request a call” option which allows them to type a callback message and wait for your call instead.

So call me maybe: Meta also announced new integrations and optimizations for Call Ads, like:

  • Call Ads in sales objectives. You can now count calls as conversions.
  • Call Ads can target people that engage in longer conversations.
  • A pre-call business feature that allows you to educate customers before the call with info about your business.
  • In-app calling so you don’t have to leave the platform to conduct calls.

Why we care: Meta claims that many leads get lost forever because of unanswered calls. If that sounds like your business, this could mitigate the problem.

It also offers you new ways to use and get ROAS on your Call Ads… always a good thing!