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Marketing: B2B brands, ignore these outdated trends

Here’s the bummer of a truth:

When promoting brands, marketers often hang onto stuff that worked years ago—and are baffled when they see low returns.

To prevent this happening to you, Ross Simonds shared a few marketing trends you need to let go this year to be more profitable.

Time to burst some bubbles…

#1 – Pop-up ads. Maybe they were effective once, but pop-up ads now do more harm than good. They’re intrusive, aggressive, and annoy already ad-fatigued customers.

To top it off, Google explicitly mentions “intrusive elements” as a de-ranking factor. Oh, and pop-ups also slow down your website. This all affects your rankings.

#2 – Posting all the time. Don’t post for the sake of posting. Your audience has a hard time finding content that matters as it is.

When you post for the sake of it, you cause visitors to bounce – and Google bumps your content down in the rankings.

Bottom line: focus on quality content.

#3 – Focusing too much on content. You’re on social media to be social, not to spam content to your audience all the time.

Instead of worrying about content distribution, worry about whether or not you’re providing customer support on social media.

That’s where your audience expects engagement and becomes loyal.

#4 – Letting Google just “work it out.” You can’t assume Google will do SEO work for you, but that’s what most B2B businesses do.

Ignoring the fine lines of SEO makes you miss out on traffic, conversions, and boosting the overall authority of your domain.

#5 – Focusing on followers. We know firsthand that followers—or in The Crew’s case, subscribers—are a vanity metric. It’s not about the followers, it’s about the results.

Focus on key metrics that will show if you’re doing a good job and if your followers are engaged – things like click-through-rates, responses, bounce rate, conversion rates, etc.

Change is coming. Use the above tips as the starting point for tuning your 2023 marketing strategy and hopefully, you’ll see awesome results.

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