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What to do when your advertising just isn’t converting

We’ve all been there.

You just produced a campaign, ads are live, people are visiting the landing page for your product… But nobody’s buying.

It all seemed so perfect in your head—until the sales numbers proved you wrong.

What now?

Much like a doctor asking you questions to diagnose a sickness, you want to narrow down the list of potential symptoms.

To decide what to test, run potential changes through the ICE framework:

  • Impact: If this succeeds, how big of an impact will it have?
  • Confidence: How confident am I that this will succeed?
  • Effort: How much time is required to pull this off?

Give each a score, then test changes to your offer in order of highest to lowest score.

For example…

  • Rewriting your headline copy = A potentially high-impact, but low-effort, change.
  • Rebuilding your website entirely = Potentially high-impact, yes, but it requires lots of effort. Test this after you’ve tried other things.

Testing potential changes in this way can help you find the most impactful, low-hanging fruit—and prevent you from wasting hours on something that doesn’t work.

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