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Marketing: Micro-influencer websites are useful but probably not for the reason you think

When Blue Coffee Box was looking for organic traction, they contacted micro-influencer bloggers in the coffee space and asked for reviews. They thought bloggers would write about their product—and that their writing would generate sales.

But that’s not what happened. Instead, the blog posts themselves produced $0 in sales.

But as review after review were posted—each linking back to Blue Coffee Box—the brand saw their own organic traffic soar. This, in turn, generated significant revenue.

Now, the business does $65k per month in revenue, a significant portion of which can be attributed to their organic traffic. Cool story, huh?

The lesson: Micro-influencer blogs won’t always generate the sales you’d like. They typically don’t have loyal audiences. But asking for (or incentivizing) reviews can still be beneficial at scale—if you have your own content strategy, the backlinks you’ll get could help generate serious revenue down the road.



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