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Short, long, or animated, video is still growing exponentially with no slowdown in sight

Short-form content is splashed across today’s social media landscape, and it encourages marketers to push the envelope and stand out amongst the competition. Digital advertising revenue has slowed throughout 2022, but video advertising revenues remain on the up and up, as we have learned from TikTok’s recent performance. While some publishers are sharing their frustrations with the lack of ability to dive deep into video creations, others are strategizing different ways to integrate video into their media plans. Whatever the case may be, there are new paths publishers can take to play on the strengths of video.

Video advertising revenues remain on the up and up, as we have learned from TikTok’s recent performance.

As marketers tighten their budgets and brace for the slowdown, short-form video platforms continue to stay ahead of the content curve. But according to Business Insider, it pays to invest in long-form video, too. The publisher amassed a 71% year-over-year revenue growth since focusing on direct-sold video ads, not to mention direct revenue is up 45% year-over for advertisers who bought inventory from the site. With the FIFA World Cup quickly approaching, Bleacher Report is ripping out a page from BI’s book. The sports publisher is experimenting with animated videos since this content sees a 72% lift in cross-platform engagements.

It’s evident that experimenting with new video mediums is paying off for publishers. However, this success probes an issue publishers like Vox Media are grappling with — the misinformation that is facilitated on short-form platforms like TikTok. Vox Video & TV’s vp Emily Anderson is using Vox’s video mix to grow its younger audience, and create content that is indicative of the current social and political climate. While low-value news-related content is bound to reach the younger demographic on TikTok, Anderson and her team are making a concerted effort to “get good journalism in front of them.” If more publishers spearhead a plan to tackle this monetization issue, there will likely be a shorter hurdle to jump to short-form vertical video revenue.

Regardless of this challenge with short-form, social platforms are pushing on to the holiday season by promoting shoppable content. YouTube recently launched a 10-day shopping event including creators plugging holiday-related gifts and merchandise, with a central focus on beauty-centric products. The event includes a variety of video formats including livestreams and Shorts to maximize the benefits of branded content. Whether it’s quirky animations or e-commerce-geared reels, the world of video is cracking open for publishers. Now it’s up to them to decide where to best focus their monetization strategies.