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Marketing: What type of SMS number should you use for peak performance?

There are three types of numbers you can use to send SMS marketing messages.

And, yes, your deliverability and conversions may be affected by the one you pick.

So let’s choose the right one for your business.

For starters, here are your options:

  • Toll-free numbers.
  • Short code numbers.
  • Local numbers.

Toll-free numbers: These are the best option if you’re optimizing for ease-of-use.

If you’re sending fewer than 2k messages per day in the US or Canada, toll-free numbers don’t require any additional steps to get set up.

… But, they aren’t the best option for conversion and deliverability.

Short code numbers: These are the best option if 1) you’re looking to send lots of SMS messages, and 2) you want strong deliverability.

The only problem is… they’re expensive. Most providers charge at least $1k per month for a shortcode number, and at least that much for a setup fee.

Local numbers: While these can feel more authentic to users—people will recognize a local area code—they’re also, by far, the most complicated to set up in the US or Canada.

Outside of these countries, though, local numbers are simple to set up for SMS and can deliver good results.

Hopefully this gives you enough to pick the right type for your brand or business.



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