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Meta: Facebook wants your content to be “less problematic”

Want to get your content in front of as many people as possible? Then you better follow the feed.

Meta published its Widely Viewed Content Report for the Q3 2022 for Facebook, which reveals the type of content performing well on the platform.

Don’t take the bait: It appears that high-performing, low-quality content has propelled Meta to “reduce problematic content from reaching the widest audience.”

And by problematic content, Meta doesn’t only mean spam or junk—it also means highly viral engagement bait.

“Unconnected” content preferred: While almost 50% of feed content comes from friends’ posts or reshares, “unconnected content” has risen 15%. So have Group posts.

Facebook recommends marketers optimize for unconnected content. And no, we’re not sure what the point of having followers is either.

The links are not OK: Also, Meta is phasing out posts with links in them to prevent users from leaving Facebook.

In 2022, posts without links accounted for 92.3% of all feed content views. So if you want to promote your blog or share articles, you’ll need to… get creative.

Why we care: Meta’s report confirms the company wants to keep users glued to their platforms by exposing them to recommended content.

Something to keep in mind if organic posts are important to your Facebook strategy.