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Microsoft: Revealing this year’s Cyber Week trends

Microsoft dropped insights into the year-on-year (YoY) rise of certain retail categories and trends. It’s worth taking a peep at…

Words that won: Here are most-searched keywords on Black Friday that also contained “Black Friday” in their queries…

  • 58% contained big-box retailer names.
  • 20% included “sale” or “deal.”
  • Most included terms or stores solely relating to: “apparel” (18%), “consumer electronics” (16%), and “home improvement” (16%).

The hottest retail categories: Microsoft saw some queries significantly grow in demand compared to 2021…

  • On Black Friday: Home Storage & Organization (100% YoY), Kitchen and Bathroom cabinets (97% YoY), Rain Gear (93% YoY), and Make-Up & Cosmetics (74% YoY) saw the biggest queries.
  • On Cyber Monday: Rain Gear (100% YoY), Office (81% YoY), Make-Up & Cosmetics (74%), and Home Storage & Organization (68%) spiked the highest.

Why we care: Utility apparel seems to be on the rise, with rain gear topping both Cyber Weekend days. The beauty industry is also seeing a big demand.

Also, the YoY rise in many other categories indicates more users are turning to search engines to find and buy their stuff – which can mean more opportunities, and more revenue if you use this channel.

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