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Most introductions are boring

… But yours don’t have to be.

If you’re writing a blog post about Facebook Ads, for example, the last thing somebody wants to read is:

Facebook Ads are one of the most popular ways to get customers these days.

Yawn. And yet… general, sleepy introductions like this infest most of the content space.

Most introductions are boring

You can do better. Here’s how:

Pretend you’re giving a TED Talk. When you’re writing an intro, imagine it’s the script for a TED Talk you’ll present in front of thousands of people.

You’re not going to start with a boring introduction, are you? Of course not!

Now that you’re in the mindset, here are three simple ways to start a piece of content:

  • Make a pop culture reference. Just make sure it actually fits the content that follows.
  • Describe something relatable. Walk through a situation or a story that ties in with the problem your content is solving.
  • Make an analogy. This doesn’t just have to be pop culture—compare your topic or problem to something entirely different. Only do this if the analogy is a great fit for the content that follows.

Oh, and one final tip: Spend 3x more time writing intros than you’d think. It helps.