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New CTV features and a “helpful content update”

Today’s Google updates are a mix of good news, and not-so-good news.

New CTV features and a “helpful content update”

Let’s start with the good news first…

New connected TV (CTV) options for Display and Video 360: Google has introduced three new features that could improve your CTV ad reach and measurement:

  • Guaranteed audiences backed by Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) helps ensure your CTV campaigns are reaching core audiences. Plus, you pay only for the ad impressions that reach your desired ages and demographics, measured by DAR.
  • Advanced Programmatic Guaranteed is now available across Ad Manager, Maginte, and Xandr, giving you more exchanges and expanding your reach. Also, you can use frequency capping to stop showing ads after reaching a goal.
  • Consolidated CTV workflow should make it easier to plan, manage, and measure your ad performance across YouTube and other CTV apps.

Seems promising. Now for the not-so-good news…

Low-quality content is a no-go: Yes, Google is reminding you once again that low quality content is not OK.

Next week they’re releasing a “helpful content update” that could drop-kick unoriginal content to the bottom of search results pages.

Experts preferred: Google will prioritize content written by industry experts across a variety of niches rather than aggregators, optimized review pages, and inauthentic content “made only to rank well.”

Why we care: Better measurement, expanded reach, capped frequency, and consolidation are all positives if you’re running CTV ads.

And as for the “helpful content update”… we have some tips below that may help, so keep reading.

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