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New advertising channels alert: Uber self-serve ads and video podcast ads

When everyone is running Meta Ads and TikTok Ads, sometimes it pays to go where few competitors are hanging out…

… Like on top of the car

Uber is adding a self-serve ad platform to its out-of-home (OOH) advertising model.

Uber self-serve ads and video podcast ads

Apparently you can geotarget specific zip codes, hours of the day, and days of the week to appear on the “mobile billboard.” Zoom zoom.

Worth a trip

Uber’s new platform sounds like an affordable way for small local businesses—insurance firms, real estate firms, restaurants, etc.— to get in front of potential customers. Maybe yours?

Who gets to ride on the roof

Currently, the cities with initial rollouts include Boston, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Atlanta, Dallas, Boston, New York, and Chicago.

Podcast listeners have eyes, too

Also, in case you weren’t already aware, people don’t only enjoy listening to podcasts. They enjoy watching them as well.

So naturally marketers are looking for ways to advertise on video podcasts.

And while it’s looking like a “mini gold rush,” it’s not as straightforward as you might think…

Why we care

If you’re running or marketing for a small business, Uber’s self-service platform could be a great way to attract eyeballs. Will be interesting to see how it performs…

And if you’re advertising on podcasts, or running one that accepts paid placements, make sure to consider video ads as well.

If you’re the first to figure out how to do them effectively, you might nab some big wins…

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