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Google: Ads Data Hub, the March core update so far, and more…

Hubs, core updates, and spam. If they were ingredients, they’d make quite the sandwich…

You get a hub, and you get a hub

Google introduced two new Ads Data Hubs – basically places where you can analyze your campaigns in a privacy-first context.

  • Ads Data Hub for Marketers: If you’re running queries and using first-party data, this hub lets you centralize insights from Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360—and should include other inventories and formats in the future, too.
  • Ads Data Hub for Measurement Partners should make it easier to work with independent third-party partners when it comes to measuring and reporting on YouTube ad performance across devices.

In short

improved automation, better reporting, new query templates, etc. for YouTube and Google campaigns. Sounds helpful.

Feeling tremors

Yesterday we reported that the March core update went live. And now? SEOs are sharing first impressions.

Spoiler alert – it’s volatile. People are already seeing drops and fluctuations in traffic.

You can peek at marketers’ initial reactions and learn more here.

Cover your eyes

Oh, and if you notice a bunch of weird, spammy links referring traffic to your website, John Mueller says you should just ignore them. Roger that.

Why we care

The Ads Data Hub improvements should help you better understand how your ads are doing, and maybe help you navigate the privacy-first world a little easier.

As for the core update… there’s not much you can do but wait for it to roll out. And if you’re impacted, wait a bit more to see whether there will be any rollbacks.

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