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New examples of invalid ad traffic, plus additional updates

Behind-screen pop-up ads? Invalid. Hidden ads? Invalid.

Google has been flagging these and other tactics so advertisers don’t have to pay for no-intent engagement.

That’s helpful: And now the company just revamped their Traffic Quality website with more examples of invalid traffic, along with animations to help you visualize the examples.

Why we care: Even if you think all your methods are “white hat,” make sure you check the invalid traffic recommendations.

No sense in running ads that aren’t profitable!

Oh, Google also dropped another Analytics update: You can now see a Recommendations section at the top of standard reports, giving you actionable tips for improving your data and marketing.

… And there are fresh data metrics in Google Ads: You’ll find them under the new “Setup” section, including number of eligible images, number of eligible details, and six more.

That’s enough Google updates for one day, no?