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New privacy changes just hit Analytics

Here’s some privacy trivia for you:

Low search volume can leave sensitive user data vulnerable, regardless of the query.

New privacy changes just hit Analytics

So Google made a couple of changes to the Google Ads search queries report in Universal Analytics (UA) and a few dimensions in Google Analytics 4 (GA4), including:

  • Google Ads query.
  • First user Google Ads query.
  • Session Google Ads query.

First, privacy: Google says these changes will protect user anonymity by “only reporting on terms that have seen sufficient search volume across Google searches.”

Under the hood: The changes in GA4 should provide data that’s more consistent with Google Ads reports.

However, the query reporting in UA just became more limited.

Why we care: Since you’ll have less data to rely on, make sure you’re squeezing every insight possible from your reporting.

If you haven’t migrated to GA4 yet, this is just one more reason to hurry up.